Uppgradering phpbb 3.0.11 -> 3.0.12

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Uppgradering phpbb 3.0.11 -> 3.0.12

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Så är forumet uppgraderat till V 3.0.12

Trotts att jag hållt på med datorer sen 1985 och jobbat som datortekniker i 15 år
så är det mesta av PHPBB helt obegripligt för mig, ibland känns det som om att
jag bara hade tur när jag fick igång det igen.

Ca 1-2 timmar tog det denna gång och nu valde jag att göra en
ominstallation istället för uppgradering, detta för att det funnits
mystiska buggar i systemet.

Att jag väljer att uppgradera beror på att om man inte gör det så är det svårt
att få support ifall något skiter sig.

Valde att inte installera chat-funktionen igen eftersom den användes så sällan.

Har bara testat dom enkla funktionerna och det verkar fungera, hojta om ni upptäcker


Och en changelog på ändringarna på denna nya version:


[PHPBB3-6723] - Empty message in deleted messages in PM history
[PHPBB3-7262] - Clarify docs about is_dynamic not being updated by set_config()
[PHPBB3-8319] - LOCAL_URL not enforced in bbcodes
[PHPBB3-9551] - Mysql fulltext index creation fails due to partial collation change
[PHPBB3-9975] - Hard coded language in sessions.php
[PHPBB3-10184] - Bots can be sent private messages
[PHPBB3-10491] - Fatal error in functional tests when server returns 404
[PHPBB3-10568] - Modify the trigger language when you edit a PM
[PHPBB3-10602] - A bug in mail queue processing
[PHPBB3-10661] - UCP > PM > Compose > enumerated recipients > BCC group misses a   (prosilver)
[PHPBB3-10678] - Provide Firebird, Oracle, and increased MSSQL support in unit tests
[PHPBB3-10772] - trigger_error is using the default style
[PHPBB3-10789] - PM print template (prosilver) with unnecessary variables
[PHPBB3-10820] - Display images directly in IE9 and 10 instead of download
[PHPBB3-10828] - PostgreSQL dbal tests try to connect to the database named as user specified in configuration
[PHPBB3-10838] - Functional tests are not mentioned in RUNNING_TESTS.txt
[PHPBB3-10840] - If you add a member to a group, the form_token can be set to 0 if the creation_time is 0 too. Maybe even if creation_time is unchanged.
[PHPBB3-10848] - Wrong redirect to installer from acp
[PHPBB3-10850] - create_schema_files.php is not creating the oracle or postgres' schema file properly
[PHPBB3-10879] - prosilver: attachment-link will be displayed wrong, when filename is too long
[PHPBB3-10880] - m_approve should not imply f_noapprove
[PHPBB3-10896] - board_email & board_contact are not validated as email addresses in ACP
[PHPBB3-10897] - Bot Definitions are outdated
[PHPBB3-10918] - docs/./../support/documents.php?mode=install&version=3 claims there are tar.gz packages
[PHPBB3-10943] - Search Box should display keywords entered by the user
[PHPBB3-10967] - PHPBB_USE_BOARD_URL_PATH not implemented in posting_gen_topic_icons
[PHPBB3-10986] - Invalid email message ids because config variable server_name is used even when force server URL settings is disabled
[PHPBB3-10995] - Return value of $db->sql_fetchrow() on empty tables is not consistent on mssqlnative
[PHPBB3-10996] - Travis tests fail on Postgres because database does not exist
[PHPBB3-11034] - The functional test case framework does not install a full board each time
[PHPBB3-11066] - MSSQLnative driver contains debug code error_reporting(E_ALL)
[PHPBB3-11069] - missing closing span in subsilver2 simple_footer.html
[PHPBB3-11081] - Duplicated /TD in styles/subsilver2/template/catpcha_qa.html
[PHPBB3-11093] - acp_users_overview.html has a wrongly placed </dd>
[PHPBB3-11094] - prosilver: searching for users: no textbox for Jabber
[PHPBB3-11105] - Missing mandatory space in meta http-equiv=refresh
[PHPBB3-11112] - phpBB Footer Link should be SSL
[PHPBB3-11122] - Update docs/AUTHORS for 3.0.12-RC1
[PHPBB3-11144] - {FORUM_NAME} is not filled in login mask when logging into a password protected forum
[PHPBB3-11145] - ATTACHED_IMAGE_NOT_IMAGE thrown because of file limit in php.ini
[PHPBB3-11158] - modules table lacks acl_u_sig for signature module
[PHPBB3-11159] - Coding guidelines: static public
[PHPBB3-11164] - Composer not finding symfony/config in PHP 5.3.3
[PHPBB3-11178] - database_update.php should not set error_reporting to E_ALL
[PHPBB3-11186] - Database unit tests fail on windows using sqlite2
[PHPBB3-11190] - Functional tests do not clear the cache between each test
[PHPBB3-11196] - /includes/session.php sends 401 HTTP status with "Not authorized" instead of "Unauthorized"
[PHPBB3-11219] - Database sequences are not updated for tests using fixtures with auto_incremented columns
[PHPBB3-11227] - @return void -> @return null
[PHPBB3-11233] - Anonymous can be selected as a PM recipient
[PHPBB3-11248] - CRLF line endings
[PHPBB3-11262] - .lock files are not in .gitignore
[PHPBB3-11265] - Functional tests do not assert that board installation succeeded
[PHPBB3-11269] - Travis functional test case errors
[PHPBB3-11278] - Firebird tables are not removed correctly on 3.0.9-rc1 update
[PHPBB3-11291] - "Could not open input file: ../composer.phar" error during phing's create-package
[PHPBB3-11292] - Newlines removed in display of PM reports, no clickable links in PM reports
[PHPBB3-11301] - "String offset cast occured" error on PHP 5.4
[PHPBB3-11304] - check_form_key breaks in tests when form is submitted in the same second it is retrieved
[PHPBB3-11343] - Loose string comparison during new password activation
[PHPBB3-11355] - Incorrect error message when no user selected for action on group membership management page
[PHPBB3-11358] - Success message even withot selecting a user and performing a group operation
[PHPBB3-11361] - "Array to string conversion" error in $user->format_date()
[PHPBB3-11493] - Functional tests should fail if any debug output is made
[PHPBB3-11517] - Numbering is wrong in coding guidelines
[PHPBB3-11536] - Installer incorrectly removes /install from script_path
[PHPBB3-11537] - UCP group manage page's error box differs heavily from the rest of the UCP
[PHPBB3-11538] - SQL error on UCP groups manage page caused by setting color to 7 characters long string
[PHPBB3-11544] - Add admin_login() to 3.0 functional test case
[PHPBB3-11545] - is_absolute() should not depend on DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
[PHPBB3-11546] - is_absolute() throws E_NOTICE for empty string
[PHPBB3-11547] - Test fixtures do not support utf8 characters
[PHPBB3-11548] - Untranslated TOO_SHORT in UCP "Manage Groups"
[PHPBB3-11566] - Reporting a post should require a captcha to be solved by guests
[PHPBB3-11568] - Functional tests fail with retrieving install pages using file_get_contents
[PHPBB3-11575] - phpbb_dbal_order_lower_test::test_cross_join should be called test_order_lower
[PHPBB3-11578] - Missing underscore after function prefix in validate_data()
[PHPBB3-11579] - Add unit tests for validate_data()
[PHPBB3-11580] - Avoid API Limit from composer downloads on github
[PHPBB3-11588] - install/install_update.php should use version.phpbb.com instead of www
[PHPBB3-11590] - Close database connections from tests whenever possible
[PHPBB3-11601] - Allow manual resync of database columns in unit tests not only on fixture load
[PHPBB3-11603] - git-tools use invalid api urls
[PHPBB3-11604] - Functional tests fail when phpBB can not create the config file
[PHPBB3-11617] - Missing U_ACTION in acp_captcha.php
[PHPBB3-11618] - Template tests fail on some systems due to a PHP error in glob()
[PHPBB3-11619] - get_remote_file() should use HTTP 1.0
[PHPBB3-11630] - Improvements to the PHP lint pre-commit hook
[PHPBB3-11644] - Skip phpbb_dbal_order_lower_test on MySQL 5.6
[PHPBB3-11662] - "occured" should be "occurred"
[PHPBB3-11670] - Replace trademark ™ with ® on "Welcome to phpBB" install page
[PHPBB3-11674] - Do not include vendor folder if there are no dependencies.
[PHPBB3-11524] - MySQL Upgrader throws warnings on PHP 5.4
[PHPBB3-11720] - Reporting posts leads to white page error
[PHPBB3-11769] - Wrong poster in subscription email when poster is using the Quote button
[PHPBB3-11775] - Error while moving posts to a new topic
[PHPBB3-11802] - Undefined variable $browser in /download/file.php


[PHPBB3-8743] - New topic / reply notifications do not contain author's name.
[PHPBB3-10050] - subsilver2: Do not show "Mark topics as read" when there are no topics
[PHPBB3-10205] - More informative reporting of errors when database connection fails (MySQL and others)
[PHPBB3-10716] - PHP-parse all php files as part of the test suite
[PHPBB3-10841] - Disable style and language selectors if there's only one installed.
[PHPBB3-10854] - sql server drop default constraint when dropping column
[PHPBB3-10865] - Updated and Added to docs/./../support/documents.php?mode=install&version=3
[PHPBB3-10873] - Change language entry for deleted PMs
[PHPBB3-10981] - Upgrade Goutte and use Composer for Installation
[PHPBB3-11131] - Phrasing & semantics of Board settings
[PHPBB3-11162] - Get rid of $db->sql_return_on_error(true) trickery when splitting/merging topics
[PHPBB3-11192] - Add Tebibyte to get_formatted_filesize()
[PHPBB3-11202] - Add response status checks to functional tests
[PHPBB3-11220] - Improve tooltip explaining the
  • - BBcode
    [PHPBB3-11238] - Specify goutte version
    [PHPBB3-11285] - Use more granularity in dependency checks in compress test
    [PHPBB3-11293] - Prefer mysqli over mysql due to php 5.5 alpha 2 deprecating mysql
    [PHPBB3-11294] - Update extension list in running tests doc
    [PHPBB3-11368] - Latest pm reports row count
    [PHPBB3-11583] - InnoDB supports FULLTEXT index since MySQL 5.6.4.
    [PHPBB3-11740] - Update link in FAQ to Ideas Centre
    [PHPBB3-11873] - Prevent expensive hash computation in phpbb_check_hash() by rejecting very long passwords


    [PHPBB3-10974] - Move tests/mock_user.php to tests/mock/user.php
    [PHPBB3-11009] - Backport phing build.xml from develop to develop-olympus so it uses composer.
    [PHPBB3-11540] - Add unit tests for (phpbb_)is_absolute()
    [PHPBB3-11541] - Add unit tests for style_select() in functions.php
    [PHPBB3-11542] - Add unit tests for language_select() in functions.php
    [PHPBB3-11543] - Add unit tests for obtain online functions in functions.php


    [PHPBB3-10877] - Have bamboo generate and publish a phpBB package for every build.
    [PHPBB3-11045] - Add unit tests for the compress class
    [PHPBB3-11059] - Fix README logo
    [PHPBB3-11060] - Fix travis.yml pyrus config
    [PHPBB3-11240] - Turn on PHPUnit's verbose mode on Travis
    [PHPBB3-11324] - Add PHP 5.5 environment on Travis-CI
    [PHPBB3-11337] - Run functional tests on Travis CI
    [PHPBB3-11513] - Install PHPUnit via Composer's require-dev to simplify test running (no need for pear)
    [PHPBB3-11526] - Increase composer minimum-stability from beta to stable
    [PHPBB3-11527] - Upgrade composer.phar to 1.0.0-alpha7
    [PHPBB3-11529] - Rename RUNNING_TESTS file to .md file to render it on GitHub
    [PHPBB3-11576] - Make phpBB Test Suite MySQL behave at least as strict as phpBB MySQL driver
    [PHPBB3-11671] - Add phing/phing to composer.json
    [PHPBB3-11752] - Update phpBB.com URLs to https in email templates
    [PHPBB3-11753] - Upgrade mysql_upgrader.php schema data.
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Re: Uppgradering phpbb 3.0.11 -> 3.0.12

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Märkte precis att bifogade filer hade jag glömt kopiera in, håller på o kopierar just nu.

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